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Plafond with high esthetic features and over standard parameters: UV proof, higher resistance to mechanical factors and adverse external conditions. Protection degree IP66, body of high quality opaque material. Plafonds available with motion detector and daylight sensor. Mechanical resistance IK10.
Materials: White version: base and diffuser made of white polycarbonate (PC) with UV stabilization protecting against yellowing. Transparent version: base and diffuser made of transparent polycarbonate (PC) with UV stabilization protecting against getting yellow. Grey version: base in grey color, diffuser made of polycarbonate (PC ) in white color with UV stabilization, protecting against getting yellow.
Installation: Surface mounted, wall mounted.
Category of luminaire: plafond
Power: 230V
Mechanical data
Type of installation
Surface mounted
Housing material
Optical data
Louver/ shutter
Diffuser colour
Diffuser material
Opal/mat plastic
Electrical data
For emergency lighting
Voltage rating
230 V
Light data
Light distribution
Wide beam
Light distribution
Degree of protection (IP)
Impact resistance
Class of protection
Light source protection
  CNBOP Light source Lamp holder Light source power Colour Type of equipment Weight
PX3000101 No A60 E27 1x60W White   1,60 kg
PX3000108 No TC‑TSE E27 2x20W White   1,60 kg
PX3000115 No TC‑D G24d‑2 1x18W White VVG 2,10 kg
PX3000122 No TC‑D G24d‑2 2x18W White VVG 2,50 kg
PX3000129 No TC‑D G24d‑3 1x26W White VVG 2,20 kg
PX3000136 No TC‑D G24d‑3 2x26W White VVG 2,80 kg
PX3000143 No T‑R G10q 1x22W White VVG 2,20 kg
PX3000150 No TC‑2D GR10q 1x28W White EVG 2,30 kg
PX3000157 No T‑R G10q 1x32W White VVG 2,30 kg
PX3000164 No TC‑2D GR10q 1x38W White EVG 2,40 kg
PX3000171 yes TC‑DE G24q‑2 1x18W White EVG 1,60 kg
PX3000178 yes TC‑DE G24q‑2 2x18W White EVG 1,70 kg
PX3000185 yes TC‑DE G24q‑3 1x26W White EVG 2,20 kg
PX3000192 yes TC‑DE G24q‑3 2x26W White EVG 2,80 kg
PX3000195 No TC‑L 2G11 1x18W White EVG 1,60 kg
PX3000199 No TC‑L 2G11 2x18W White EVG 1,60 kg
PX3002101 No A60 E27 1x60W Grey   1,60 kg
PX3002108 No TC‑TSE E27 2x20W Grey   1,60 kg
PX3002115 No TC‑D G24d‑2 1x18W Grey VVG 2,10 kg
PX3002122 No TC‑D G24d‑2 2x18W Grey VVG 2,50 kg
PX3002129 No TC‑D G24d‑3 1x26W Grey VVG 2,20 kg
PX3002136 No TC‑D G24d‑3 2x26W Grey VVG 2,80 kg
PX3002143 No T‑R G10q 1x22W Grey VVG 2,20 kg
PX3002150 No TC‑2D GR10q 1x28W Grey EVG 2,30 kg
PX3002157 No T‑R G10q 1x32W Grey VVG 2,30 kg
PX3002164 No TC‑2D GR10q 1x38W Grey EVG 2,40 kg
PX3002171 yes TC‑DE G24q‑2 1x18W Grey EVG 1,60 kg
PX3002178 yes TC‑DE G24q‑2 2x18W Grey EVG 1,70 kg
PX3002185 yes TC‑DE G24q‑3 1x26W Grey EVG 2,20 kg
PX3002192 yes TC‑DE G24q‑3 2x26W Grey EVG 2,80 kg
PX3002195 No TC‑L 2G11 1x18W Grey EVG 1,60 kg
PX3002199 No TC‑L 2G11 2x18W Grey EVG 1,60 kg
  H F
PX3000101 1x60W 110 400
PX3000108 2x20W 110 400
PX3000115 1x18W 110 400
PX3000122 2x18W 110 400
PX3000129 1x26W 110 400
PX3000136 2x26W 110 400
PX3000143 1x22W 110 400
PX3000150 1x28W 110 400
PX3000157 1x32W 110 400
PX3000164 1x38W 110 400
PX3000171 1x18W 110 400
PX3000178 2x18W 110 400
PX3000185 1x26W 110 400
PX3000192 2x26W 110 400
PX3000195 1x18W 110 400
PX3000199 2x18W 110 400
PX3002101 1x60W 110 400
PX3002108 2x20W 110 400
PX3002115 1x18W 110 400
PX3002122 2x18W 110 400
PX3002129 1x26W 110 400
PX3002136 2x26W 110 400
PX3002143 1x22W 110 400
PX3002150 1x28W 110 400
PX3002157 1x32W 110 400
PX3002164 1x38W 110 400
PX3002171 1x18W 110 400
PX3002178 2x18W 110 400
PX3002185 1x26W 110 400
PX3002192 2x26W 110 400
PX3002195 1x18W 110 400
PX3002199 2x18W 110 400
H - Height / Depth
F - Outer diameter


28 March 2018
15 February 2018




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